Saturday, January 15, 2011

more is gone!

 Number 2 is officially crossed off! In the middle of november I had a job interview with Alliance comunity hospital! I got the job I am now a medical assistant at one of their doctors offices, I love my job its not annoying like the telemarketing thing. I get to do vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respireations, and tempetures) take blood, give shots and do a lot of other really neat things! This is mainly why I never got around to posting anything else recently.

 In late September I crossed off number 68! I went to the rock and roll hall of fame, I took Nevaeh with me  she was surprisingly good, I think my favorite part was seeing pink floyd's area  and the Ohio artists it was neat to learn about the music heritage for our state. I got in for free, becuse of my cousin Jackie she writes for her school news paper and she was doing a story. Nevaeh got in for free becuse shes under 5. I she was really well behaved and enjoyes herself as well!

After we left the Rock and roll hall of fame we went to the hard rock cafe, The place is rediculosly priced and in places like that I get crappy service becuse im young and everyone thinks I wont tip, it pisses me off, So we had a crappy waitress, the food was over priced and By this time Nevaeh had started to act up and be a brat. The food was NOT good for as expensive as it was, I got a french dip sandwich, and fries, WORST french dip ever.

When we were done, I took Nevaeh over to Angie's house becuse we were going to a comedy club ( witch was also for her paper and was free! ) It was called last call cleveland and we saw it in one of the playhouse theater stages! It was hilarious I give them guys alot of credit. They were from around here and went to Kent state themselves.

Friday, September 24, 2010

blog or treat

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another one down!

Sunday was the Cleveland Walk to defeat ALS (Lou Gheriggs disease) That I did with cady and her family, I had a good time. I had to take Nevaeh, but she had alot of fun as well she got a balloon corsage and her face painted, she got a rainbow and I got a footprint. I feel horrible that I was not able to raise money for the walk.  We then went out to eat with Her family to Yoconos a really nice Italian Restaurant, and then to JoAnne Fabrics and the summit mall, Then we came home and both Neveah and myself fell asleep face down in her homework. I can understand because of the day we had saterday!

Saterday Morning We woke up, got ready to go to the balloon affair in Ravenna, and went and picked up Aiden for Angie, And we went... We got there met up with my mom and my step sister, got neyas hair wraped and her face painted... then I got this bomb pair of sunglasses for like 5$ it was fun, I bought the kids inflatable hammers and My sister and Nevaeh Big blow up cats! Neya got a pink one and Miranda got a purple one, after all of that we went to my uncle Tims, picked up my cusion Jackie and watched balloons take off and then walked to sunbow valley walked around bought crowns got snow cones, And a huge bag of kettle cooked pop corn the bag was as tall as aiden, and watched the fire works, afterwords Josh Neveah Jackie and myself all went to Joshes sisters house for the night, needless to say thats why both neya and myself were so tired, she didnt go to bed, till almost 3 am and we got up at 6...

Friday Night was uneventfull night at Angies, But thursday was alot Nicer, I went to Dave and busters for my birthday, only 7 out of 30 people showed up... kinda depressing 5 of those people canceled last minute, Joshes Parents being 2 of them, but they had a legit Excuse,  But it was Myself, Josh, Jackie, Larry, Sandy, Cady, Jacob, And his little brother Cory. We had a blast... then we came home and got drunk Just an Awesome night!

wow this was an backwards post... well I will try to keep my life A bit more updated on my blog!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crazy week...

OK so this last week was completely nuts Tuesday night on my way home I hit a blown semi tire I had no way around it, it happened while I was getting off the interstate it was either hit a guard rail or a ditch I didn't think that it would harm my car, but it did.... I got home opened Nevaeh's Car door and I hear this wired sound and I start looking for it and I look at my rear drivers tire and you can literally see the tire deflating, I HAD A PANIC ATTACK! Josh had to start his first day of school on Wednesday, so I had to get it fixed... So I called AAA to get it changed or see about plugging it like I did to the front tire, But they don't do that they just put my doughnut on and left, so Nevaeh and I had to Get up super early and leave with josh when he went to school because we live in the middle of nowhere and didn't want to put all of the Mileage onto the Doughnut so I went to one place and he said look I cant plug it for you but If you go buy a used tire I can put it on for you, So I went up the road to the place where I normally buy my tires from, The guy was completely rude, He first asked if I wanted them to try to plug my tire, and I told him I already was told it couldn't be repaired, so he got snippy and then he took my car back and came back out (mind you Nevaeh was being a perfect little angel in there she sat still and watched the TV in the waiting room. He came back out and says "I don't Have a used tire for your car and would you Like to buy a new one instead so I asked him how much that would be and he told me 91$ I said sorry I cant do that today, he then looked at the service tech and Told him do whatever get her out of here.... I had never felt so insulted in my life, kinda like well when I do buy a set of new tires I wont be going to Him ever again.... Well Josh and I kept Getting into it Like crazy that day, But we eventually ended up at Wall-Mart that night, for the tire. Wednesday night we ended up at apple bees with our friends Nicole and Shane, and had a fun meal.  

Thursday we woke up around noon and started getting ready to go to the mall we went and got his check, Picked up Larry then Nicole and went to the Boardman mall And split up, Josh and Larry went Looking for my birthday present and Nicole Nevaeh and I all just went and shopped, Had an awesome time!!! got Nicole dropped back off and then Josh, Larry and I took Nevaeh to the park and played with her, then went home and My cuson Jackie came over (who is also dating Larry ) Went to walmart And Taco Bell and then home, After they Left Josh wouldn't Let it go till I opened my birthday presents so I did I got a beautiful Flower necklace with pink Sapphire  for the stones, and a ring that had 2 flowers on it one pink and one green the pink flower had a small green stone in the center and the green  one had a small pink stone in the center. I am in love with the ring!!!
Friday Nevaeh and I went to My cusion Angela's and then to a potato festival! I let the kids go on 1 ride it was a small roller coaster that went around a little track and then we went and got a large French fry to split between the 4 of us we had a lot of fun then we went back to her house and watched the rocky Horror Picture show! It cracks me up that a 4 year old and a 2 year old like the movie and watch it every time Angela and I watch it!

Today my plan is to go get ready and take Nevaeh, Angela, Aiden and myself to Art in the parks and see that so I will have to blog bout that later.... sorry for the ridiculously long post I just needed to type all of that

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love is not a matter of counting the years... But making the years count. Michelle St. Amand

Love is not a matter of counting the years... But making the years count.
     Michelle St. Amand

I like this quote, on September 14th Josh and I will have been together 2 years, Not a big milestone for most but for us it is, Its the most time either of us have been in a relationship.

Last Night Josh told me about some guests that he seated at work, They were an older couple, and the older woman told Josh to take her arm and walk her to the table, she then told him that they were celebrating her 90th Birthday and their 63rd wedding anniversary!

I find that so amazing Because the statistic of a marriage out lasting the first year is a 50/50% chance
A Marriage lasting that long is something that I want! I think that I can Have that with Josh, Although I may be 19 I think he is the one, He is my Best friend, and he Knows Me, all of me, and he does not run away!

Josh also Is loved by most members of my family, I think everyone at least Likes him, which is very important to me that my Mom and Dad Both like him, My mom used to not but she said she is glad that I have someone who treats me as good as Josh! 

So From today On I think I am going to quit thinking Another year gone and passed I'm going to think another day together what a blessing! or today is a brand new day I am going to spend it with him and make it something I want to remember until the day I die!

Monday, September 6, 2010

#57 Is now Crossed off of my list,

Today I made my own batch of spiced hot Apple  cider,
and let me tell you it was a pain in the ass, First my grandma was complaining because she was trying to use the stove, Then it took over 3 hours to make, and the Biggest pain in the butt was squeezing all of the apples through cheese cloth. It was so gross pushing mushed up apples through the cheese cloth it just reminded me of vomit.

But all in all the apple cider was good, the only thing I did wrong was let the cider cook down to far, but I fixed that by adding 2 bottles of water and some more cinnamon.

Nevaeh Loves it, she drank like 3 cups of it, and of course so do I!
I am waiting for Josh to come home, I think He wanted to add liquor to it.

My Cousin Angie  helped me cut up the apples so tomorrow I will probably take some of it to her house for her to try since she left mine before it was finished!
 Have you ever made homemade apple cider or pie?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Guilty Pleaseure,

Ok so everyone has a guilty pleasure,
and I think that Mine is Smoothies, I get them from Sheetz I get them From McDonalds, I get them from anywhere that Has them and  I absolutly love it.
the best part about it is they are healthier then Chocolate or Sweets, I just have to get in the habbit of ordering a small instead of whatever the largest size that there is.

I'm weird and do not like coffee so when we go through the drive thru In the mornings I have to get a smoothie!
now I will admit I somtimes overdo it on chochlate (more than I'd Like to admit.)
     Now I Have to ask, what is your guilty pleasure?